What Tools Are In Your Kit?

“We all need a tool kit,” my new co-worker said to me last week.

Things had been hectic. There had been staffing changes, the beginning of Lent, and three fairly big events to navigate. But toward the end of last week she and I found ourselves alone in the office. The dust was settling and we got a chance just to talk.  The conversation came around to job-related stresses and various coping mechanism. Phrases that help us “stay on course” and “do the right thing” and maybe even call yourself back when you go astray.

She shared the phrase “put it in your basket” which they had used at her last job. When something hurtful or stressful has happened you don’t have to keep wrestling with it. If it is too much of a burden, you can put it in your basket. You haven’t gotten rid of it, but you aren’t obsessing, either. It’s there, in the basket, and when you are ready, you can pick it up again.

Her comment got me thinking about my emotional tool kit. What is it that I go to again and again? How do I help myself cope? What can I share with others?  As I explore and begin to identify the tools in my tool kit, I will share them here. If you have tools you’d like to share, please feel free to share them in the comments below

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