Blogger Level Up: Guest Post Challenge Competed

I wrote a guest post about NaNoWriMo and Resistance for a blog dedicated to romance authors and books. Not my genre by a long shot, but I poked around and there were some other great posts about writing and NaNoWriMo, so it seems I am in good company.

You can read it here.

Blogging is an odd world. At time it feels (and certainly held up as) a colorful, vibrant community of free ideas and new media. Other days it seems full of self-promoters and flimflam artists and people regurgitating someone else’s snake oil and calling it thoughtful insight. (Can you tell I have spent the last 21 days pumping up my word count?) And yet, here I am. Playing the game, peddling my own brand of snake oil.

I could just write, post what I write and leave it at that. But then I won’t really be playing Blogger right. I would be someone who stores their writing online. To play the game, you need to write and then let people know you wrote. You need to get followers and follow back. You need to self-promote. You need to get the word out there.

It helps me think of blogging as a game. It keeps me from taking it — or myself — too seriously. It also implies there are rules to follow to lead to, as the BF would say, a harmonious outcome. And finding the rules so I can either follow them and be safe or break them and be brave is the default mode for this enneatype six.

Unfortunately, sometimes  different sets of rules conflict. As a good Midwestern girl and an introvert, I am not supposed to self-promote. I am supposed to sit quietly with my hands in my lap and wait for someone to notice my basic goodness, or the good job I have just done, and reward me. But life rarely works like that. So when I heard (read: saw a random Tweet from a stranger) that BeBe (a woman I have never met) over at Reading Unitl I Fall Asleep (a blog I had never heard of before) was looking for folks to write guest posts during NaNoWriMo, I sent her an email and a link back here and said I was interested if she was. And she was.

“You’re a Guest Blogger!” My daughter was so excited for me. The only other time I have been a guest blogger was when I wrote about public works for her blog. She was having none of my “Yeah, but …” self-depreciating comments. This was how the game is played. It doesn’t matter if is feels a bit like cheating.

“Self-depreciation is for chumps!” That’s what a co-worker called out earlier this week. He wasn’t talking to me. He wasn’t even talking near me. I don’t even know where he was in the office. But when you work in a church with folks who have Divinity degrees and preacher voices and you hear an voice call out what sound like a command, well, you tend to take it to heart.

So, as much as it feels like cheating, I will promote this post about a guest post. I will keep finding little ways to promote myself and my work. I will peddle my wares, knowing that while there maybe be a touch of snake oil in them, it is within the FDA approved limits. And mostly it’s the real thing. And what’s so bad about snake oil anyway? I will take a moment to really hear people when they say they like what I write before I start trying to convince them it’s crap.

I will — maybe just for today — not be a chump.

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