About Me

Middle aged in Middle America. Not exactly the next HBO drama. AMC, maybe, but not HBO.

I spent over ten years as a managing editor for a small consulting firm where I wrote, edited, coached writers, managed book production and ran the website. Then I did all those things as a freelancer. I worked as the Director of Spiritual Formation for Youth and Adult for a mid-sized progressive protestant church. I have led churches through conflict resolution and merger processes. I have taught adults how to meditate and 12-year-olds how to play Rook. I might have even taught a few of those pre-teens to meditate.

I have written a couple of crappy novels that I keep promising to hand over to the editor part of my brain. I have helped run a community theater. I have built sets, run the light board, managed the box office and maybe — just once — I might have almost blown up the theater by accident. Totally by accident.

Currently I do digital communication and social media for a large mainline protestant church. I also do communication consultation with churches.

Beth head shotI am also trained in the enneagram and do both retreats and typing typing sessions. To me, the enneagram is more than just an ancient wisdom or another exercise in navel gazing, but powerful tool for personal and social transformation — as hokey as that sounds. I have created a newsletter for people involved in social justice issues who want to use the enneagram to support take care of themselves and support their work. You can read more about it here.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. HI Beth, Well owning the fear is a big step in itself. And the fear of writing for you, I believe, gets to the core of not fully believing in yourself yet. The task all of us leading with type Six need to deal with. David

  2. Lovely blog, Beth. It brought the picture of you to my mind. And many memories of the Enneagram trainin
    g we did. Such an unusual experience. It keeps on churning away just below consciousness, I think. Weird. Sallee

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