Enneagram Services

The Basics

The enneagram is a model of human personality based on a system of nine interconnected personality types. Traditionally, the enneagram has been used to foster spiritual development and emotional health.

Or in simpler terms, a spiritual Meyers-Briggs.

But maybe that’s too simple. Although the enneagram has some things in common with other personality tests/typing systems, there are key differences:

The enneagram is non-binary. Rather than This or That, the enneagram shows us nine very different ways of looking at and moving through the world.

The enneagram focuses on motivation, not behavior. Different types may exhibit the same behavior, as being competitive, but may do it for very different reasons. The enneagram helps us see the drivers behind our actions.

The enneagram looks at the whole person. The enneagram encourages us to pay attention to what is happening in our mind, body and heart.

The enneagram illuminates our darkness. It’s good to know our strengths, but it’s even more important to know our weaknesses, our self-defeating habits and our blind spots.

The enneagram doesn’t leave us where it found us. Finding out what type we are is just the beginning. The enneagram gives us tools and practices to “move around the circle,” and take on the healthy behavior of other types.

My Enneagram Services

I use the enneagram to help people transform their lives in a deep way. I bring personal stories, compassion and an irreverent sense of humor to all my enneagram work. In part, I do this because it is what I have to bring — this is who I am. But I also strongly believe when we share stories, treat each other and ourselves with compassion and learn to laugh we are better able to face the darkness and do the hard work.

I don’t believe in boilerplate services. If you have a specific need, I will be more than happy to see if I can meet it. Having said that, my most common services tend to be of three types:

Typing and consultation for Individuals and Couples

I help you discover your type; explore your gifts; weaknesses and self-defeating behavior; and give you some next steps. Sessions can be tailored to specific areas of concern. Individual sessions generally last 1 hour. Couple sessions last two hours.


I lead a series of classes (usually 4 – 5 weekly 90-minute sessions) for groups of 10 – 20 people. These classes can be general (using the enneagram for personal development) or can focus on a specific area (spiritual gifts, personal relationships, workplace issues, activism).


I get away from it all with you and your group for an intensive enneagram session. Weekend or all-day enneagram retreats are a good way to build a sense of community, improve teamwork and reduce conflict. Retreat topics are as flexible as class topics.
If you are interested in enneagram services that are casual, compassionate and a little fun, please use the form below to contact me.

Beth Beaty

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