Nine Ways Forward

Changing the world is hard work.

And yet there are people who accept long hours and low pay to work to change it, even a little. Or maybe they fit their world changing into their “free time,” after the paying job is over and the family is cared for and the bills are paid. Or maybe they change the world by the way they live in it and move through it, making every step a step toward justice and changing things with every action they take. Some combination of personal experience, sense of justice, education, upbringing and faith compels them to work — sometimes tirelessly, sometimes very tiredly — to change things for the better.

And thank goodness they do, because we live in a world that desperately needs changing.

Nine Ways Forward is an occasional newsletter for activists, advocates, organizers, reformers, and other folks working to change the world who want to use the enneagram to support themselves and their work. Each issue will delve into an aspect of the enneagram, then provide tools to help readers process what they’ve learned and practices to help them use this learning on a routine basis.

Nine Ways Forward has two goals. The first is to help you do your work — whatever shape it may take and whatever situation you are trying to change — more effectively, more thoroughly and with more ease and grace. But that’s secondary.

The main goal is to help you transform you own life, take better care of yourself, feed yourself, strengthen what needs to be strengthened in you and care for what is broken in you. Changing the world is hard work. It is often thankless work. Burnout and disillusionment and bitterness are far too common. The same world that cries out for change tends to chew up and spit out the very people trying to help. With Nine Ways Forward, I am hoping to give you the tools care for yourself in ways the world might not.

You don’t need to be familiar with the enneagram. The early issues will cover the basics, and you can pick up more as you go along.

Nine Ways Forward is free and sent out a couple of times a month. You can subscribe by filling out the form on the right side of this page or sent an email to