Book Review: God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators

stressed communicatorsThe Center for Church Communicators  has another book out. This one just in time for Christmas planning. I wrote a review for Amazon, so I won’t go into much detail here. (My review shouldn’t be hard to find, since at this writing it’s still the only one there.)

Like most of the books created and published by CCC, it’s a collection of small articles written by the folks who actual did the thing the article is about. It’s a way for people to share and learn from each other. Very skim-able. The articles tend to be light on logistics and details, maybe too light for some. Sometimes it’s too light on details for me. But it’s a GREAT idea generator and conversation starter. In fact I had trouble finishing it, because every third article had me dropping the book to send someone an email or make a note to talk to someone else.

Highly recommended for anyone in any aspect of making Christmas go well in a church setting.

At the moment only the Kindle Edition is available, but I have it on good authority the print version is on the way.

UPDATE: The print edition is now available as well.