More on Invisible Work

Just a day after I wrote about the invisible work in coding and beyond, I came across the podcast %99 Invisible. It’s great podcast out of San Francisco about design (in the broadest possible sense) and the invisible ways it influences life. So far I have learned about rebar, hidden stairways and hand painted signs.


Check it out.

Book Review: Steal Like An Artist

Steal this book. No not that book. This one.

Well, you should probably buy a copy. Just because I stole the copy I am currently reading doesn’t mean you should follow me down this felonious path. In all honesty, I will be giving Anne back her copy, although it is totally her fault I stole it. When you give someone the keys to your house and then leave a book called Steal Like An Artist on your coffee table, what do you expect that person to do? Feed your dogs or something?

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Book Discussion: A Year of Biblical Womanhood

I have been watching A Year of Biblical Womanhood develop for over a year. The idea of someone who shares my values (feminism, inclusion, Christianity) and is braver, better informed and a bit ballsier than me going through the bible for everything it says about women fascinated me. And when I say “fascinated” I really mean “relieved me of responsibility.” It was a project I wish I had thought of, but since Rachel Held Evans had thought of it first, I got the insight with none of the having to be all demure and handy around the house.

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Curation: The New Resource

I serve on the board of directors for a resource center that serves area churches. At our meeting this week, we sat surrounded by shelves of books and DVDs as we studied several years of usage reports. Actually, it didn’t take much studying. Usage of our humble little center has been dwindling. There were two distinct reactions in the room.

There were those who were discouraged and (reading between the lines) wondering if it was time to hold a big rummage sale, unload all these musty, unused books and lock the doors for good. I can’t honestly blame them. Everywhere you go, there are people proclaiming the end of everything this room seems to be about: The End of Books! The End of the Mainline Church! The End of How It Used To Be! It gets discouraging. As forward thinking as I try to be, I get discouraged. I remember ye goode olde days when we went to the library and saved pennies for the weekly Scholastic book order. I remember when church attendance was a given and no sports, concerts — or even in my hometown, shopping — took place on Wednesday night because that was Church Night. We had only three TV channels, and we were grateful for that, dammnit!

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Grieving Incognito

I put my dog down today.

It was time. He was 13 years old and was starting to struggle. Last night he could barely walk. This morning he collapsed and couldn’t get up. For two hours, from the time I called the vet to the time they got there, I sat with him on the floor right where he had fallen. I talked to him and sang to him. I cried. I also answered some email and read a book. And cried some more. As the vet shaved his leg and placed the IV, I held his head, called his name and did my best to calm him. As I held the door to let them leave with him, I sobbed.

I am grieving.

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