Brought to This Moment

I am a just under a week back from the second weekend of my enneagram training. It took me a while to catch up on sleep, on housework and work-work. And, once again, it has taken me a while to process what I learned, or more accurately what I experienced. There is so much I want to write about, and what I want to write is such a combination of personal insight and new information and gut responses, that I am having trouble knowing where to start. It seems I am so overwhelmed that when people ask me about the training all I can do is tell them about what we ate.

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Have You Met the Enneagram?

I am reviewing my notes for this weekend’s upcoming enneagram training. You could also call it finally cleaning up from last month’s enneagram training. Six of one; potato the other. I could just type these notes into Word, file them away in Enneagram/Training/Detroit/Notes feeling proud of my efficiency but knowing I probably never look at them again. I might remember a bit of what I typed, but not enough.

Or, I could use them to create a few blog posts. I have been wanting to write about the enneagram, but starting has seemed intimidating. Where to start? Well, how about my training notes? Response papers, minute essays, return demonstration. All methods I have used to help other people teach adults. Yet it never occurred to me to use them myself. It took Veronica Beaty sharing her learning process on her blog to make me remember what I already knew how to do. Continue reading

On Ghosts, Coffee Shops and Ruts

I am spending my afternoon in a coffee chop nearly 30 miles from my house.  Several things had to line up just so to bring me here.

First and foremost, I skipped out on my plans for the morning. I was supposed to go to a morning prayer retreat. Well, I say “supposed” but what I really mean was planned. I didn’t have to register or pay. A few people were expecting to see me, but only because I told them I would be there. The alarm went off this morning – the only morning in two weeks when I can sleep in – and I decided I needed a “me day.” And more sleep.

The second thing is that I have been feeling restless lately. I know myself well enough to know this feeling creeps up on me, often get this way in the spring and fall. Something about the equinox makes me want to hit the road, get away, be someone else, be in a new place. Migrate. I have a theory I evolved from Canada Geese. Adding to that restlessness is my ghosts. My ghosts have been active lately. This too happens occasionally, but not as regularly. I find myself thinking of people I have not thought of for years. Distant relatives, deceased family members, long-lost friends, old loves, that weird guy in college.

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And So It Begins Again

As I prepared to start this blog — a blog intended to be more “themed” and “professional” —  I went back and reread my personal blog  — which is part travelog part sporadic rants. All of it. I don’t recommend it for civilians, but it was an interesting little trip in the Way Back Machine.

I had started that blog just asfter my only offspring left for college, four days away as the trucks on Highway 80 drive. I was parent-less, child-less and would soon be job-less. I had forgotten (although at the time it seemed I never would) how the overwhelming sense that everything had been knocked out from under me. Or maybe not forgotten. Maybe the rawness of the emotions had dulled a bit. In some cases, I had no idea which day or event I was writing about. In others, I remembered the smell of the room and the shade of the sky outside.

But the thing that stuck me was the themes that kept coming up:

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