Everything New is Old Again

File this under The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same.

My daughter, my boyfriend and I bond, as humans always have, tut-tutting and cracking wise over the missteps and follies of others. Our ancestors might have done it over a meal, or while riding a covered wagon over the grassy plains or while watching sheep graze. The three of us do it the way most folks do it these days — sitting in front of a glowing screens and keyboards in our three separate cities.

Today’s story was about the Twitter hashtag created by the Washington NFL team. There’s been a growing push to get the team to change its name, which many people consider racist. Most recently, 50 senators (including Harry Reid) sent a letter to the NFL commissioner, urging him to endorse a name change. As a pushback, whoever is running the team Twitter account sent out this Tweet: Continue reading

A Foot in Both Worlds

I am just back from an enneagram training (to make up for the one I completely spaced off last month). It was an overwhelming experience, and I will be unpacking (and writing about) it for some time. In addition to processing new information, emotional insights and friendships, I found myself slipping into marketing mode.

I am no spring chicken, but at 51 I was one of the youngest people there. I slowly realized this as the weekend progressed. This was a group of healthy, active, progressive folks. Until you started talking to them about technology. Many of them said they hated email. They generally thought social media was a waste of time. Any mention of this or that helpful website seemed to be met with a blank look or a disdainful comment as if the internet were the exclusive playground of reality TV fans and air-headed youngsters with nothing better to do.

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You Say You Want to Hire an Intern

It happened again this week. A group of us were sitting in a meeting, planning a marketing project and the topic of social media came up. Someone suggested we get a college intern because “the young people understand all that.” Never mind that I was the second oldest person at the table and have been working with social media for years, or that the third oldest person there was a web designer. The speaker saw a problem, knew we didn’t have the budget to address it professionally and figured an intern was the solution.

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